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 ecomerce Globalmar Sealand


Globalmar Sealand is a new constitutioncompany created by a really highexperienced group of professionals with naval supplies, that have decided to put their knowledge together toimprove service and it's quality.

Besides we have a short trayectory, we are already working with numerous fleet,tuna vessels and mercants, as well asnew constructions around our national ships factories.

WE work with the most importants companiesfrom Our country and some international companies.

We are capable to serve you as acustomer covering the westerneurope,South America, Spain and Portugal.

Globalmar Sealand offers differentsupplier services covering all vesseldepartments, all IMPA code families, good quality products and also a quick and efficient attention.


In our manufacturing plant, operators and engineers have the task of seeking the maximun guarantee of manufactured products. Designing and adding new ideas for the elaboration of our customer’s own needs thus responding to the need to improve the existing products, thus guaranteeing a final result of máximum guarantee.

For the manufacturing of these products premium raw materials are always available and a severe test is carried out in order to rule out possible anomalies in them.

Currently we manufacture square containers with and without holes, of great hardness, hooks for the discharge of tuna, stainless grampin hooks, buoys, exclusivity in special shade meshes for tuna fishing, document storage cylinder tubes (fire plan)

Purchase department

To maintain uninterrupted flow of materials to support the development schedules.
To procure materials economically at a cost consistent with the quality and service required. However, generally all purchases may be attempted at the lowest cost.
To provide the necessary expertise, advice, information to the Curators and Education Officers with regard to the best quality of material available in the market, supplier's capability and performance etc.
To develop and maintain good buyer-seller relationship.

Los objetivos de este departamento consisten en :
To promote source development.
To maintain Organization reputation and credibility in the market by fair dealings and prompt payments.

Sales department

The main function of a sales department is attract and retain customers. Many moving parts are tied to this but the number one objective is to attract and retain customers. That said, sales activities need to been co-ordinated i.e., to meet the customer demand with appropriate supply.

The next is to increase the sales volume considering a particular period of time. Then to find appropriate persons/ agencies to carry out the sales activities. To help marketing department in meeting the sales volume fore casted by then. To give motivation by appropriate means to the sales persons and to give appropriate training to them in carrying out the sales activities successfully.. they analyze the demands of markets. they study the consumer's psychology, study market fluctuations, prepare sale budgets, explore new markets and the process begins again - attract and retain customers

Store equipment

A professionally managed Stores has aprocess and a space within, to receive the incoming materials (Receiving Bay),keep them for as long as they are not required for use (Custody) and then tomove them out of stores for use (Issue).

Ina manufacturing firm this process forms a cycle to maintain and run theactivities of Stores.

The basic responsibilities of stores are toact as custodian and controlling agent for parts, supplies, and materials, andto provide service to users of those goods.

Quality politics

In GLOBALMAR we are dedicated to procurement and supply of naval and industrial goods both at a national and international level.

We seek the satisfaction of our customers trying to give each of them a personal and responsible service, to provide confidence about the results.

Our services are characterized by speed and adaptability, conveying confidence and security to our customers and stakeholders, through the domain of what we offer and constant communication, improving every day in the development of our systems and processes, being our main asset our staff and our best guarantee our customers.

We focus our efforts too, in assessing the risks that may affect us to prevent and resolve them quickly and take advantage of opportunities, so that we can continue giving service to our clients efficiently in the future.

To achieve our strong commitment to continuous improvement in our quality system, developed based on the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 we have set the following objectives:

Continuous improvement
The constant search for the best suppliers to provide the best product in the shortest time to our customers
Investment in training and resources to improve the knowledge of our staff to ensure quality services
Constant communication with all stakeholders

Alfonso Becerra Vilas